Canadian Imaging Dementia Protocol (CDIP)

The goal of the Canadian Dementia Imaging Protocol (CDIP) project is to develop a magnetic resonance imaging protocol able to cover the primary and secondary causes of morbidity in a context of neurodegeneration. We aimed to update previous protocols, taking into account the capacity of new generation devices and advancements in magnetic resonance imaging techniques. We wished to develop and deploy this standardized protocol on multiple platforms in the Canadian research context. The protocol is applicable to both research and clinical settings. To achieve this, CDIP is compressed within 45 minutes and consists of six sequences: anatomic (T1-3D), pathological (FLAIR, Dual T2/PD, T2*) and connectivity (task-free fMRI and DTI).

The multicentric aspect represents a major challenge for the standardization of data. In collaboration with several experts in magnetic resonance imaging, the CDIP was tested several times on different magnetic resonance devices to minimize inter-manufacturer variations. The published protocol therefore includes versions adapted for GE, Philips and Siemens.